Saturday, April 4, 2009


M will not tolerate yogurt. Won't even swallow a probiotic. One bite/dose, no matter how cleverly disguised, and he coughs, chokes, gags. Yogurt is not going down that pipe, so you better be ready with whatever means available to remove said yogurt from mouth before anything else comes out with it. We don't respond well to suggestions that we swallow, swish with a drink, spit in a cup, etc. Instead we just pause, paralyzed, with our mouth hanging open in shock. You tried to feed me what?

Turns out that holds true for tapioca pudding, too. Who'd have thought it? Not that it tastes anything like yogurt, but maybe there's a similarity in texture? On the flip side, you can freeze that very same gag-inducing yogurt--no other additions whatsoever--and it goes down just fine. So that has a different texture, but same taste. Hmm.

When I get to heaven with my long list of my life's mysteries, God's gonna get a kick out of me.

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