Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That Sneaky Fox

We're on a Dora kick around here. Which I thought was good, because honestly, I can only watch "Packer's First Day" so many times before I want to tear through Sunflower Valley like King Kong and stomp flat all those charming claymation trucks (not to mention Bob himself). And, well, we only watch one video a day, usually. What's a half-hour of interactive Spanish?

Except that there's this fox on Dora. His name is Swiper. It follows that Swiper swipes things from Dora. M thinks Swiper's hilarious. Ingenious. Emulation-worthy.

And so, thanks to Dora, I'm constantly turning around to discover that the bibs/stool/potholders are gone. From another room comes M/Swiper's menacing promise: "You'll never find them now!"

Indeed. As if I needed another challenge in my life.

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