Friday, January 30, 2009

Humble pie a la tiramisu

Do you ever find a product that you thought you could live without, but no longer can? Mine is creamer. Used to always think I was beyond creamer. Who needs creamer? I'd say haughtily. It's all hydrogenated oils and nasty artificial flavorings. Milk and sugar for me, all natural as the day is long.

Until gingerbread creamer came along. And then chocolate peppermint. And now? Tiramisu.

So I'm eating my words, washed down with a nice hot cup of coffee, weak, with a healthy dose of fake tiramisu loveliness, carefully protecting my indulgence from my coffee loving kids (you think I'm joking? See M's trip to the dentist, but it really needs little K begging "Fa-fee! Fa-fee!" for the full effect. But I swear, decaf and now organic per my sister's kind guidance). I feel like I'm hiding a drug habit.

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