Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coping mechanisms

So, being the second time we've been sick in two weeks, I'm getting better at the whole sick-life. Here's a few suggestions when that first sniffle shows up:

1) Cancel all activities for the rest of the week. This includes sleep, regular meals, and whatever little bits of work you leave for nap times.
2) Start taking Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, and crack (per sleep cancellation in #1).
3) Designate your back pockets at Kleenex receptacles. Keep clean ones in the right pocket and used ones in the left. Or was that clean in the left and dirty in the right? Oh look, now kid#2 has a runny nose.
4) Practice telling yourself, It's just one video. Also tell yourself to ignore the fact you've said that four times already.
5) Make coffee. Lots of coffee. Run out of creamer? Just throw in some Red Bull (unless you really did start taking that crack).
6) Run a load of laundry, because the one time you saw your kid wipe his snotty nose on your bathroom hand towel was probably not the only time it was done.
7) Set up blankets on the couch and put new batteries in your book light. You'll be at the coughing stage before you know it.
8) Practice telling yourself, It's just one movie. Also tell yourself that movies and videos are not the same thing and should not be counted as cumulative time. Luckily, you're so sleep deprived by now that you might actually believe this.
9) Come up with catchy responses to your kid's public displays of illness, such as, "Oh, did you get choked on something?" or "What is with this nose of yours today?" Keep handy for that run to Trader Joe's.
10) Plan fun out activities like eating in the car outside daddy's office and driving around the block. It's like going places, but less work.
11) Remember that next week is going to be business as usual. So open up that Hansen's, climb under those covers on the couch, and read or watch or sniffle/cough together. Aren't you always wishing you had more time to lay around anyway?


feistywon said...

I so feel your pain! In the last 3 weeks, Isabella's had 2 colds, now turning into bronchitis, and I've had 2 viruses leaving us phlegmy, snotty, and not fit for human consumption. And Vinny's walking into this tomorrow - perhaps a miracle will occur as we sleep tonight, I can only hope.

Adam Brock said...

Um hmmmm...Adam's coughing again, which means we're all going down the black hole too. And it was exactly 3 weeks since the last bout (they're watching "Cars" again already). These days end, apparently. Or so I hear...

Sian Draycott said...

I had to check you weren't standing at our front door when I was reading this post. You could well be describing winter in Aberdeen!! I hear you loud and clear...