Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Soapboxing, for a moment

So I read recently that Jennifer Garner is a now a spokeswoman for childhood vaccinations. Now, I'm all for vaccinations--K just had her flu booster today--and I actually like Jennifer Garner. But it just really made me wonder: why would anyone decide to vaccinate their children because the hot chick from "Alias" told them to? I mean, it was a show premised on the idea that a super spy could escape detection by putting on a different wig for each mission. Amazingly, in the days of facial recognition software, this chick could manage to stay secret courtesy of bright pink hair. So maybe that's what the vaccination people are banking on, that we all want a little of the magic that Jennifer Garner brought to our lives and we're willing to use our kids and a needle if necessary. What a wonderful idea! Now all we need is a baby wig company...


B said...

You say you want a baby wig company but there are so many to already choose from:

And apparently there is a trend in the UK (that started here in the US?) to have babies wear wigs:

Amazing how people use their money, isn't it?

Diana said...

Well, I have to say, this is awfully convenient. These wigs even come in star styles. If only we could find an "Alias" wig, then we'd really be on a roll.

Wait, don't tell me: there's an "Alias" wig, isn't there?