Thursday, January 3, 2008

Honorable Mention

I almost forgot the sixth memorable of Christmas vacation. Well, obviously not super memorable, since it did slip my mind, but it gets an honorable mention in my book.

M on a sugar high!

I'd never actually seen M whacked out on sugar before. It's not like he doesn't have the occasional cookie or donut or the slightly more frequent chocolate (it's dark chocolate! it develops a taste for the bitter! it's got antioxidants! okay, okay, guilty as charged). It's just that I've never given him chocolate cake with three bowls of ice cream. He's been so deprived.

So Grandpa treated us to what we've all been missing: a very small blond boy bouncing around and babbling at the top of his high-pitched lungs. Followed by a very hard to get to bed boy. And then a boy who had to continue a slightly quieter version of babble for another hour before finally falling asleep. A boy who then wakes up at 2am, confused and sugar-crashed, and refuses to go back to sleep for hours. Yes, what a treat. Good thing Christmas only comes once a year.

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