Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Vacation: The Summary

To spare you all the gory details and get you right back to fulfilling those New Year's Resolutions (hey, accomplish them in the first month and you have eleven to just chill), I will settle for the top five memorables of my Christmas holiday, in order.

5. Eating dark chocolate peppermint Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone. Look, there's nothing better than dark chocolate, except when it comes with brownies, fudge, chocolate chips, and one B all to myself.
4. Napping, regularly and for extended periods of time. Sleep rocks.
3. Playing miniature golf with M for the first time. You'd think a 2.5 year old couldn't play mini golf, but no, he's really very good at getting his ball in the hole. With his hands. Or feet. And he'll take everyone else's ball too. No sense in wasting time with that silly club.
2. Watching K take her first crawl, a groping, clumsy crawl right over to the diapers, electrical cords, and M's train set. The world as I know it changed completely.

And finally...

1. Actually feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to go back to work. Tonight. That's really convenient, since it's not quite tomorrow.


Melissa said...

K! Crawling?! Gasp!

Diana said...

I know. I'm really sure I'm not ready, but K doesn't seem to care.