Saturday, December 22, 2007

The real worst critic

M is in an "Uh-oh Mama" phase right now. I'm one of those people who feels guilty and self-conscious about almost all my little short-comings, and it really doesn't help to have a personal commentator keeping tabs. Such as:

"Uh-oh Mama" (Pointing to the dirt under the sofa)
"Uh-oh Mama" (Pointing to the milk I spilled on the table)
"Uh-oh Mama" (Pointing to the car I nearly hit)

I'm really looking forward to the "Way to go Mama" phase. That's coming soon, right? Please?


Melissa said...

Do you mean a sarcastic "way to go mama"? Because yes, that is totally on the horizon.

Diana said...

Yikes, no. I was thinking of my own personal cheerleader. You mean it can get worse? I'm gonna need some serious therapy someday...

Mama C-ta said...

Great, please tell me my son just bypassed this one b/c that is the last thing I need! But it's very cute reading about it happening to someone else ;)

BTW, my new blog is (this blogger sign-in thingy hates me so I have to keep using this old one).