Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So where did we pack the wand?

It's a crazy thing, packing for a move. B and I, we're of two different minds on this subject. He'd prefer to begin right away, packing little bits each day in a slow steady process. As for me, I'd rather wait until the week of our move, then throw everything in boxes at once. Frantically! With great stress! This is a theme in my life.

So B handles the packing, mostly. Which is great. Just a little disconcerting. I open the cabinet to get my pancake making bowl and find its spot empty. Or I walk into our bedroom and wonder, why does it look so small? Then I realize it's because all the pictures are off the walls. Or I'm in the middle of making dinner and turn around to discover that there's a mysteriously empty place in the corner of the counter where I once had a plant. A very crazy thing, to find your life disapparating before your eyes.

But all this means that I've very good at the apparating, and therefore while B handles the packing, I handle the unpacking. Frantically! With great stress! And I almost guarantee that one week after we move in, I'll have all the boxes empty and life as it once was--pancake bowl, pictures, and plant included.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad we work together so well? Sorry your stuff is disappearing. I'll try to ask more often in the future. Love, B