Monday, February 8, 2010

Way to ruin a good thing

We've had much coughing and sneezing and other sickness induced unpleasantness around here. It's actually the third cold in five weeks, unfairly enough, not to mention the pneumonia. And do you know what's caused it? Surely not the rainy weather or the compromised immune systems or the stress of the move. No--it's because people kept saying to me, "You guys haven't been sick much this year, have you?" or "You certainly have been a lot healthier, huh?" To which I always replied, quickly and fervently, that it's just seemed that way, when in fact we'd had more than our due share, even though up until this point in the season we had been healthier. But don't people know that you NEVER say those things aloud? And look, they went and said them, and so we'll be sniffling our way to spring, thank you very much.

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