Friday, January 22, 2010

Good thing dreams are free

I drove past an RV for sale today (and no, contrary to our recent whimsical purchase, I didn't buy it). The sign in the back read: "For sale. 14,000 actual miles." Hmm. Are there any other kinds of miles? And then it hit me. That's a person who bought an RV, pictured themselves traveling all around the continental United States, and then got 14,000 miles into it before realizing how crazy expensive RVs are to drive. But in dream mileage, I'm sure they got their money's worth.

Speaking of crazy expensive, have you seen Conan O'Brien's latest tactic to stick it to NBC? I'm not siding with anyone here. Okay, I'm siding with Conan. Dude, he waited five years and moved his whole family to the West Coast. I'd be upset too.

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