Friday, December 18, 2009

More frosting, stat!

I have a lot of fun Christmas crafts in mind for the kids. I even have all the supplies. They will promote dexterity, create fun memories, and preserve their little skills as they are. But what do I see as I'm walking out of M's preschool today? One of those Christmas trees made out of layers of cookies. I do not have the supplies for one of those. It will not accomplish much other than add to the already overblown sugar content of our household*. But I think that's what we'll be making this weekend. Except I'm going to make it out of peanut butter cookies, with chocolate in the middle to hold it altogether. I don't have recipes for that either, but what's a challenge without, well, more challenge?

*How overblown? Check these out:

Would believe I made not three but ten of these beauties, and they're all still standing? On my first try at gingerbread houses! We didn't keep all ten, of course, nor are we actually eating much of them. But they do make the air seem all too sweet.

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