Monday, November 2, 2009

Time for NaBloPoMo

I realized today, to my horror, that NaBloPoMo had already begun! How could I be behind already? What kind of person skips the very first day?

Except that I didn't skip. I posted yesterday. Was it really just yesterday? See, this daylight savings time business messes with my whole world. You know why? Because I insist on going around telling myself what the "real" time is. For example, it's one forty. Which is really two forty. The kids should be up from their nap soon, and I haven't even put one of them down.

It gets worse. Last night I went to bed at ten, which was really eleven. Very late. Woke up to the sound of a small child in the bathroom at five thirty, which was really four thirty. Talk about a short night.

You're all scratching your heads right now, I can practically hear it. No, it wasn't really four thirty. It was really six thirty. Only it was really five thirty. Can it really just be nine thirty already? I clearly need some sleep.


melissa said...

I vote that you get a nap! And me. I should get a nap too. Will that make the time change all better?

And hey, did you add your blog to the November NaBloPoMo blogroll? You go to, hover over the blogroll tab, and if you're logged in to ning, a "submit" button should appear. (What the frick? Did I just type all that? Was that even english?)

Diana said...

Yes, that was in English; yes, I did add my blog; and no, I did not title that post. Ahem. Seriously not functional around here.

Diana said...

P.S. N-A-P? What is that? Is that the thing that I used to do in the middle of the day when kids actually stayed in their rooms instead of coming every thirty seconds to tell me that "this is taking a long time"? You know what makes it take a long time? Hearing that it's taking a long time.

melissa said...

I know, nap? Wha? Isn't that a thing people do before they have kids?

Mine are having a grumpy morning. I think we're going for a walk. (As though everything will be magically better when we come home!)