Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eye spy

Ever since I had my wallet stolen, I've been having a bit of a identity crisis. See, while giving my statement to the police officer, I had to go over all my vital stats--weight, eye color, etc.--which led to a conversation later that afternoon where I asked my mom what color she would call the kids' eyes. The conversation went something like this:

Me: What color do you think the kids' eyes are? I call them green. They look a lot like my eyes.
Mom: But your eyes aren't green.
Me: You don't think so? They've always looked dark green to me.
Mom: Your dad says that his eyes are green too, and they're not. Your eyes are more... brown in the middle and blue on the edge.
Me: Maybe they mix and make my eyes look green.
Mom: But they don't look green. They look... brown. Or maybe blue. But definitely not green. The kids' look more blue to me.
Me: That's weird. B's eyes are gray.
Mom: Gray! That's the color. Your eyes are gray.
Me: So now they're brown, blue, and gray?
Mom: Well, they're not green.

Feeling rather anxious, I came home and did a bit of research on eye colors. I've concluded, without much conviction, that we all have hazel eyes (well, except B, who really does have gray eyes, which I guess puts him in the blue field, technically speaking). Seems simple enough, right, except that now my driver's license is incorrect on three main fields: I'm not quite at the weight I once was, I'm not quite 5'6"--even on a good day, and my eyes are no longer green. But my hair is red. I think.


Rachel S. said...

Hey Diana! I had no idea you had this blog until today! I love it! Where did u get your wall
get stolen? What a bummer! Hope to see you soon!


feistywon said...

I have that same unsettled feeling when people say I have red hair. So there are some red highlights, along with a bunch of other colors, but that doesn't make me a redhead. Not that there's anything wrong with being a redhead, it's just that I'm not!