Monday, November 16, 2009

Can you spot the pattern?

M: Let's think of things that start with the letter F.
Me: Oh, that sounds fun. Okay, what--
M: No, me first. I have lots of them. Fire truck. Firefighter. Um...
Me: How about--
M: No, I'm still going. Um... fire!
Me: Wow. All good ones. What about--
M: No, now things that start with P. Like police. And police car.
Me: Right. Or--
M: Now A. Ambulance.
Me: Yeah, or--
M: Mom, I'm all done with this game now.

We didn't actually stop the game there, although I kind of wish we would have. We tried T, which led to tow trucks--also qualifying emergency vehicles in M's world--and then G, which prompted GG. That's what we called my grandmother, the one who passed in June. A moment of silence followed at the mention of her name, and then M said, sweetly and wistfully, "I miss GG." It's nice to know that he remembers her, and that we can miss her together. It's also nice to know that she was special enough to trump even a frenzy of emergency vehicles.

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