Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quote of the week

M: That looks just like a camera! Could you make a real camera out of waffle?
Me: If I could make a real camera out of waffle, I'd no longer be the dead weight around this family's neck.
M: Oh. Could I have some syrup, then?

I'm a little punchy in the mornings. But I make awesome waffles, and they often look remarkably like whatever oddball object the kids request. It kind of balances out.


Heather said...

dead weight???? are you kidding?

Diana said...

We have a running joke around here that I'm a bit of a mooch. You know, eating all the food and using all the hot water and paper supplies without paying for anything. With something other than discipline, sweat, and tears? Now, if I could learn how to market those, I'd really be on a roll.