Monday, July 20, 2009

The Growing Boy's Diet

Me: Which sounds better, a burger or chicken?
M: Hmm... a bacon sandwich.
Me: Oh. Like a burger with bacon on it?
M: No, just the bacon.

Me: How's your dinner?
M: Yum-O.
Me: That's good to hear. Which do you like better, the chicken or the macaroni and cheese?
M: The peel [by which he means the skin].

Tomorrow's prospects already have my cholesterol on the rise.


Anonymous said...

As long as he doesn't start eating pats of butter or plunging his fingers into the margarine container like I catch Emily doing! Must be a family trait because my grandpa was known to eat the left over butter from the restaurant bread basket! (Hi Diana - it's Suzette!)

Heather said...

what, is he pregnant or something?
They say cholesterol is good for brain development. I choose to believe _this_ is why I crave cheese fries with a side of fried egg. Because I'm a brainiac.