Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Plate Specials

We're on a granola kick around here. A friend of mine picked up a box of Trader Joe's maple pecan clusters, which was thereby rapidly consumed. We now have a second box, and a lot of granola bits scattered all around the house. Because nothing gets spilled faster than tiny bits of oat. Well, except...

Those tiny little balls made for marvelous Valentine cookie rolling. But when you spill those little buggers, you will be finding tiny little balls in every nook and cranny of your kitchen for the next ten years, because those things are repelled by all manner of broom.

Korma Curry Simmer Sauce
Also Trader Joe's. Also yummy. Especially with some potato and carrot chopped up in it, and a little cornstarch to pull it all together. The best part is that both kids actually ate curry, really truly loved it. Of course, it helped that I put on a strong front of believing this was a dinner fit for everyone. They're like dogs and can smell fear, you know.

Bran Flakes
Still. Don't get me started.

Banana Peanut Butter Sammies
Concocted this out of my desperation to meet the something-very-special request while also using up my banana without using any cooking utensil not already dirty. Take little slices of banana, smear 'em with PB, add a tiny drop of chocolate syrup, and top with another banana. Voila--instant happiness. And messy finger too. But happy messy fingers. Please note that trying to translate this into actual PB Banana sandwiches (as opposed to PB&J) resulted in both kids pulling off the bananas and asking for jam. Hey, they can't all be winners.

What are you eating? Because we're still hungry over here...

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