Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The resolution realization

You know that gusto you have at the beginning of the year? This one? The one that starts off so well meaning and then wanes about three days into the first work week?

It's kind of like ordering a gi-normous submarine sandwich and then trying to eat the whole thing at once. Before you know it, you're pitifully trying to keep a few shreds of lettuce in your mouth while the meat, cheese, tomato, and bread all scatter upon your feet. Let's not even mention the mayo ring you have on your face.

But it looked so good! You just wanted it all at once! You thought, with all that gusto, that maybe your mouth was up to the task!

No, though, your mouth is still the same size it was last year. But lettuce-y and salivating, because all the good stuff's on the floor. Three second rule, anyone?

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