Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

New year, new colors, same vague feeling of dissatisfaction. But only with the colors. And the title. And the layout. Paltry things, all told.

On the up side, I'm happily welcoming the new year with a vigor I usually never experience. 2009! I have so much to look forward to that my little fingers twitter in anticipation: K potty training (and the corresponding smaller, cuter purse I've had my eye on), our ten year anniversary (and the corresponding, ever more fantastic than a cute purse trip to Belize), more play dates, more swimming, a four-year-old's birthday (!). Another defrosting spring and warm dry summer, another crisp fall to arrive when the change will once again be freshly exciting.

I believe I will make myself into a writer this year. I believe I will let go of the past, or at least a few troublesome pieces. I believe I will fail at parenting and forgive myself anyway. I believe I will mend existing relationships and tend budding new ones. I believe I will learn a million new things that I don't know now, yet always needed.

I'm also walking around with the sinking suspicion that each day will be my last, because honestly, isn't this what every endearing heroine says right before the piano falls smack on her head? But at least now you will all know I died happy! Painfully conscious of the irony, yes, but happy too!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Nice colors! What are you dissatisfied with? Maybe we can change it.

Here's wishing you the year you desire. :)