Saturday, November 15, 2008

Super Mega Ultra Fun Surprise Day

AKA Day Out With Thomas. If you're not familiar with it, Day Out With Thomas is a traveling program that visits railway stations with a real Thomas engine in tow. Kids can ride Thomas, watch Bob build Thomas an imaginary shed, play with tons of train related toys, and beg for presents in the gift shop. Believe it or not, the expectation of M and K's joy brought tears to my eyes as we parked. And yes, I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit it.

M and K did have fun. They ooh-ed and ah-ed at Thomas. K was so excited to be on a train that she nearly threw herself out the window. M had to climb aboard "Scoop" on three separate occasions. We had to beg M away from the toy train set before Mommy fainted from hunger and the gusty Santa Ana winds blew us all to oblivion. All very much the tear-bringing fun I expected (without all the actual tears).

At lunch, tired and dusty and thoroughly worn out, I asked M what was the best part of Super Mega Ultra Fun Surprise Day:

"Riding in Oma and Opa's car to lunch."

Not quite what I had in mind, so I asked again, specifying something actually at DOWT.

"Seeing Oma and Opa."

Again, not something to justify the hefty per-ticket price. This time I specified something at DOWT not having to do with Oma and Opa.

This took a little thought. Then, with glee: "Getting Dodger the Deliverer!"

Which we bought at the gift shop in extravagant addition to that ticket price. Along with Trix, whom everyone calls Trixie for some reason I'm yet to understand, and with which K entertained herself for the rest of the day. I suppose we could have just met Oma and Opa at a toy store and gotten away for a mere $13.00. But then what would I have cried about?


Kristi said...

Diana, you crack me up! It is so sweet that K is so excited about her Oma and Opa. Thomas-schmoamash

Melissa said...

Yeah, the tearing up experience really is worth the extra cash. It happens so infrequently otherwise.