Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yellow = 1 sauce. Derived from mustard, which is yellow. Do not give her mustard, though, because she will push back her plate in disgust. Usually indicates whatever sauce M is eating, as long as it's not actually yellow. 2 to color. Used in response to Mom's one-time lesson that a marker was actually yellow, as in the color, but refers now to the act of using any pens, markers, pencils, or other implements to impart color to objects. Certainly not restricted to the color yellow or the medium paper. Just check out the black pen she put all over the puppet theater after asking to yellow.

Baa = I want to get up in my car seat by myself. Used repeatedly without indication or explanation as to why such a complicated and unrelated phrase became shortened to baa. For the record, baa is also correctly used as the sound for a sheep. Apparently this all makes sense to K.

Eesh = Shoes. I almost feel this is some sort of dyslexia, since the closest thing I can see is that shoes backwards is seohs. Except that involves seeing it in writing, which isn't how eesh started. How did eesh start? I don't know, but I'm guessing, like the rest of this, that she used it once, I guessed correctly what she meant, and the little cogs clicked into place that this word got her what she wanted. Bright, but also confusing.

Jee-Jee = Jesus, as in the song Jesus Loves Me, which is the last song I usually sing to K before she goes to sleep. Jee-jee is actually a pretty accurate approximation of Jesus for an eighteen-month-old. I just think it's cute that when she gets tired enough of my rocking and singing, she asks for her final song, and that the final song she asks for before she falls asleep is about Jesus. Always leaves me feeling that even if I've obviously goofed a few things up, the day has ended right.

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