Friday, August 1, 2008

You're very welcome, always

Months and months and months ago, I reported with lamentations that M was in an "Uh-oh, Mama" phase, repeatedly pointing out my mistakes with his characteristic simplicity. I hoped, at the time and with considerably chagrin, that it would soon be followed by the "Way to go, Mama" phase. This is not what I define as soon, but it works all the same.

We've been in the "Thanks, Mama" phase for several weeks now (read, about to enter a different, much more critical phase any second). For example:

"Thanks, Mama, strapping me into the car seat."
"Thanks, Mama, driving me to Vons."
"Thanks, Mama, buying me bananas."

And so on. I know--gratuitous kid cuteness. But seriously, the boy deserves some props for recognizing his mama. And this mama know that when recognition comes around as sparingly as it often does, you better believe she's recording it for all it's worth. Which is a lot.

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