Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're on a roll

In keeping with K's new talents, I'm happy to say that she has finally mastered the art of rolling from her back to tummy. In fact, she seems utterly incapable of staying on her back for more than 1.2 seconds (if you think I have actually taken the time to clock her, you obviously overestimate my free time). Unfortunately, K hates being on her tummy. For my sanity--and K's mental well-being, as this seems to be exceedingly frustrating to her--I hope to soon report she's rolling both ways. Until then, please forgive the baby dangling from my arm. It's really much more pleasant for all of us.

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Heather said...

Oh! I remember that phase! I was like, "no one tells you that babies have periods of utter stupidity!" Stay on your back, little slug-bug!
Not to be an advertiser, but you might try a sling. Much (much) more comfy than the carrying or the Baby Bjorn. I might have one you could borrow if you wanted to try.