Thursday, November 12, 2009

Roll with it

Today is supermom day. I have those occasionally, when I just feel very in touch and in tune with my job. Homemade applesauce, homemade pudding. Breakfast of homemade biscuits. A full day with the kids at Legoland where we actually managed to eat a healthy lunch and ride most of the rides without tantrum. Let my kids explore on their own, accompanied them when they needed it. Bonded with a friend, finished my prep for Bible Study tonight. Served the pudding as afternoon snack, as only a super-supermom might treat, and got in some writing. Dishes await me while I fix chicken parmesan for dinner (B's favorite).

There are so many days I feel like a failure (like yesterday, for instance, when I lost it multiple times over battles that I shouldn't have been fighting in the first place) that it's a rare treat to feel in control. I just wonder what's different--is it me, or the kids, or the activities planned? Is the weather or our sleep or just some strange confluence of intangible magic? Can I buy that magic? Or what's more tempting: do I make that magic myself? Is it as unexplainable as I perceive, or do I just start on a roll and manage to keep the ball rolling on my own positive accord? Maybe it's supermom's superpower, which then begs the question: what exactly is my kryptonite, and how quickly can I get rid of it?

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feistywon said...

I find that after having a frustrating parenting day (like your previous day), I often have a "spot on" super momma day the next day. For me, I think it's because that night, I'll evaluate all the ways I screwed up, make an attitude adjustment, and vow to do better the next day. Usually, it works.