Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just (B)e

We're on day two without kids. My parents were kind enough to take the kids up to their house while B works a couple more days before the Thanksgiving break begins. According to the kids, getting to go to their grandparents house without their parents is the most wonderful thing in the world. I try to just appreciate the opportunity for their sake and ours, although it is a little tough to hear your own kids screaming that they want to go away WITHOUT YOU!!! (Yes, that's exactly how they say it. Both of them. In unison. Ahem.)

So we know that this is a special thing that not many parents get, and we often get questions about how we use that precious time. I'd like to say that we make the most of absolutely every second, but yesterday, there was a lot of window shopping, wandering, and aimless driving. B took a nap at a time other than nap time. I turned on television and let it bad programming run its course. We played Rock Band at dinnertime and had dinner at 8:30, right before going grocery shopping. Yes, we went grocery shopping at 9pm on a Saturday night. And yet, looking back, we may not have made the most of every second, but we certainly enjoyed the unfamiliar sense of freedom, the chance to relax just the two of us--even if we're doing two independent activities. I've got three more days to get things done, and only three more days to enjoy just B. There's got to be a balance in there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I am a LOT jealous!!
Enjoy your time.

Anonymous said...
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m.u.g. said...
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