Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everything's coming up rosy

Since K is now using M's twin bed, she's been stuck with his old blue sheets. I really did try to find her cute girly sheets, but everything I could find was only a cotton/polyester blend. Which just doesn't fly for me. Really, am I supposed to prefer wrinkle-free sheets to soft cotton sheets? Unless this means I won't get more wrinkly, I'll pass.

So being the resourceful (i.e. cheap) person that I am, I bought some fabric dye. After a long and stressful process, I produced two batches of dark pink sheets. Brilliant! K was so very pleased to have her very own sheets, and she didn't seem to mind at all that they were all different shades of dark pink and none of them the pretty pink purple I promised. Good thing kids have short memories. I myself was extremely proud that I managed to dye them without dying myself or anything else, and that my washer did not, at any time, produce another load as pink.

Until now. Apparently I celebrated too soon, because now I have a load full of pinkish clothes, including the sheets to our bed, a pair of B's jeans, and one very pink M sock. I couldn't even luck out and have two pink socks, so that K could use them. So this weekend's project? Un-dyeing, which feels just as stressful/water-wasteful/tedious as the original dye job. Cotton/polyester is sounding better all the time.

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melissa said...

Drat! I've wanted to try dyeing forever, but I'm afraid of exactly that. Maybe you can teach me sometime...