Monday, October 12, 2009


We are quick approaching a trip to visit family, which will take us to somewhere coldish. This means somewhere cold to us, but pretty much average to the rest of the country. In final preparations for this coldishness, I've discovered a few things:

1) Elsewhere in the country, people have already bothered buying fall clothes. I have not. This means that although M's 3T highwater jeans will be very handy in the event of rain, they are not warmish anymore.

2) K has no shoes she can wear with socks. She does have six different types of shoes not suitable for socks, as well as flip flops that match the rest of the family. I'm so glad to live somewhere where this oversight is still not noticed come mid-October.

3) I don't have shoes I can wear with socks either. That's a lie. I have one pair. They're very not waterproof, which won't help for the inevitable rain. I also have running shoes, which are one size too small after being through a wet cave in Belize and then heat-dried on a generator (I didn't have to give you that reason, but I wanted to. The memory makes me smile). This doesn't bother me since I don't actually run.

4) I also don't have any sweaters, at least none that still fit. Didn't actually wear sweaters last year. I'd buy a new sweater, but all the ones I find have rabbit hair or wool, both of which make me itch. Badly. I find it ironic that in a place where you can make it through a whole winter without wearing a sweater, the only sweaters you can buy contain wool. Isn't that overkill?

4) Target is a lot less interesting when you go there twice a day every day buying various things to prepare for the coldishness of a trip you aren't really excited about and will only take you away from a resurgence of California warmishness.

5) I like the words coldishness and warmishness. I just much, much prefer the actuality of warmishness. Living in California rocks.

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Melissa said...

Yeah, we're always caught shoeless when rainy weather starts. Luckily the last couple of years there hasn't really been any rainy weather-- if it "rained" we just stayed home that day and wore flip flops the next day.

Wait, that's not lucky, that's a drought. Hmm.

I do wish I could justify the purchase of four pairs of cute rainboots though.