Thursday, October 22, 2009

California Waking

We're back from visiting family. It's not really a vacation, per se, but we did manage to see almost everyone we needed to see. There was much hugging, small talk, and kid-appreciation. Not to mention sitting, video watching, and fried food. We are from the midwest, after all.

I feel fortunate that in a trip that included an emergency landing (note to pilots: if you decide to make said landing after we in the cabin smell smoke, pleasepleaseplease tell us before you turn the plane and head us downward. Communication is good) and the stomach flu (not ours, thankfully), we made it through without a scratch. Most significantly, we discovered that our little babies have become, quite under our noses, little people. They walked everywhere, spoke to everyone (politely, too!), listened to instructions and managed to follow it, ate all their meals, slept in all those strange hotel beds, and generally acted accordingly without one measurable tantrum. I even caught M using his little airplane napkin for a coaster. His sister had already leaned back and fallen asleep, absolutely on her own.

We made plenty of happy memories too. M had his first go-kart ride, and he discovered popcorn shrimp. K showed her Baby Jordan all around the airport like a doting mother, and she pooped in the big girl potty for the first time (for a potentially potty-training parent, this equals happy). And we all got to sample Kansas City barbecue, which, in my opinion, has nothing on Memphis barbecue (what? You didn't know there were different types of barbecue? You poor, poor soul).

Best part? You guessed it: being back home. In California. With all that blue sky, palm trees, and warmishness. Sigh.

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