Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bunk Bed Challenge

You'd think, after four years as a parent, that I'd know not to mention things to the kids that we are not, at that precise moment, prepared to do. Like, say, buy bunk beds and have the kids start sharing rooms. But no, didn't really think through the inevitable ensuing events. So after a fruitless morning of bunk bed hunting, we've arrived at the following scenario:

(1) K is not napping because she wants to sleep in M's room.

(2) I have promised to move them into the same room right after nap, even though we have an afternoon playdate.

(3) M does not want to share rooms unless there are bunk beds involved.

You have one hour to solve this fantastic parenting dilemma, but no fair telling me I shouldn't have put myself there in the first place. Go!


Melissa said...

Ikea, home of the instant bunk bed!

Or: sleeping bags! Not quite the same as bunk beds, but sometimes equally exciting!

Otherwise I got nothing.

Diana said...

Oh you better believe I hit Ikea this morning. There's nothing better than instant furniture, unless it's instant furniture that I get to assemble myself (have you noticed how I live for challenge?). Nothing with a slant ladder. Argh!

I just told them we'd do it tomorrow. Which is probably a lie too. Isn't there some kind of serum that makes people forget things? And does it come in strawberry flavor?