Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, M!

Today, you turn four. You're no different than you were yesterday--not measurably bigger, faster, or sharper. It's just a number, even if it shoots me a little pain. My baby boy is four.

But the key there is measurably. Because every day I see these little changes in you, little things that only a few days or weeks earlier weren't there. But instead of feeling like you are growing up and away from me, I feel like I begin to see, with each one of these tiny changes, a little bit more of the full person hidden inside. Let's face it--an all-at-once reveal would be overkill, right?

And for the record, this person amazes me. The more your personality emerges, the more you make me laugh. You bring joy and happiness to my life in a way I never thought possible.

So okay, turn four. After all, you're going to do it whether I say so or not. But know that instead of lamenting the passing of these precious years, I rejoice daily in the revelation process. I would never trade the four-you--or any you for that matter--for any other age. Happy birthday, baby!

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Melissa said...

Happy birthday!