Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home in body, if not in mind

I realized the other day that it had been two weeks since we returned from the most fabulous vacation ever*. But I kept thinking, There's something I'm forgetting. Oh yes, the blog. The one with the effusive pre-vacation build up. Right.

*Certainly you think I might be exaggerating. I am not. I have taken a lot of vacations in my life. I have never had one go so perfectly. Ever. We did everything we wanted to do, never had one bad day/meal/experience, and were even ready to go home. That was when all the trouble started.

See, things have been a bit crazy here what with the grandmother dying and the sister visiting and the laundry accumulating and the novel I've been unofficially writing and the friends who just keep popping out babies. You'd think this would give me a lot to write about. And it does. Too bad I'm just not writing it**.

**For the record, it's because I am writing other things. Wasn't that the whole purpose of this blog? Except now I'm having to write both, which plays out like a tug of war for my keystrokes. When you only have maybe an hour a day, that's a pickle.

But I'm firing up the burner again. I promise. It just has to heat up a little before anything actually gets cooked***.

***This metaphor really makes no sense. I'm out of practice! I'm bouncing from war to pickles to cooking! I'm also making excessive use of the asterisk, the exclamation point, and italics. But I'm posting. Doesn't anyone get an A for effort anymore?

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feistywon said...

So glad to see you back! I've given you extra time since you've been back considering what's been going on but I'd be lying if I didn't say I missed your posts. I hope things start getting a little more back to normal and I'm so sorry for your loss.