Monday, January 12, 2009

The Hallway Triangle

What is it about bed that makes a kid wake up? M can be lolling around, his eyes half closed, nearly asleep on his feet. One quick stop to the bathroom before nap, and then we're tucked into his soothing, dark, cool bedroom where the bed is all ready with his favorite stuffed animal and his turtle nightlight and fresh ice water. Then...


The eyes are open, the energy is amped, and I'm left wondering when he took a power nap between the living room and here. Because I want that power nap, yes sirree, I'm ready to drop onto the fifth dimension if that's where he takes it because I do not have that kind of energy pop in the afternoon.

It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't need the nap. Sure, I like the quiet time in the middle of the day, but if we could make it from morning to night with that kind of energy, I'd accept our fate. But no, the napless wonder will be dragging around again come four o'clock, when I will have to avoid car trips longer than two seconds and soothe him through crisis after crisis just to manage a half decent dinner before he crashes into deep sleep oblivion. If I didn't have energy before, I sure as heck won't have energy enough for that. Well, I will. Necessity is the mother of all energy boosts.

But what gives, seriously? And why am I not getting any too?

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