Monday, December 22, 2008

We wish you a... what was I saying?

Today was my crazy, try-desperately-to-tie-up-all-my-holiday-loose-ends day. I took the kids out for a little play, then it was a trio of errands (in the rain, no less), followed by an exhausting afternoon of sewing, ironing, painting, and cooking. Plus an evening haircut for M. But in the end, everything is done. Mostly. Almost mostly. Okay, not really done at all. But closer.

On the bright side, I made $45 selling a couple old toys on Craig's List. Apparently the week before Christmas is prime time, because they went quick as a wink. Did a little crying when the annoying Elmo tool bench went on its merry way. Its song was so annoying, but I can still picture little M pushing the button when it was still in the box, giggling and smiling. And I can still see K sitting on the ground in her pajamas, playing at the wooden activity box. Not that she played with it any more since she could walk and climb and do all those more exciting things. But at one time she was little, and sitting, and playing. People don't know that they're buying a piece of those memories too.

And I forgot my address today. Yes, that's right, my address. Couldn't for the life of me think of the street number of our house, the one we've lived in for almost three years. Had to actually walk outside, in the rain, and look at our mailbox. Holidays aren't for the weak.

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