Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend highlights

--M discovered pumpkin rolling. That's where you set your pumpkin down very carefully at the top of the driveway, then give it a little push and watch it roll into the street. Or into the foot of the adult positioned at the bottom of the driveway to prevent pumpkins and the small children chasing them from going into the street. And yes, fast-moving pumpkins hurt. Bonus laughter for pumpkins that careen into the planter. Amazing that the Halloween pumpkin is so much more appreciated after Halloween.

--K began using two word phrases, just as "Dada, boo-boo." Not as in, "Dada has a boo-boo," but rather, "Look, Dada! I have a boo-boo here on my foot and I want you to see it, acknowledge it, kiss it, and then get me something to eat, drink, and play with." Anyone who thinks two words cannot possibly incorporate all that information has not raised children.

--I began planning a holiday party. This is meant to be a fun event where we can have lots of friends celebrating together with their small children celebrating underfoot. With cookies! And finger foods! And cider! And Christmas carols! This is not meant to be something where I obsess about whether the invitation sounds good / people will want to come / the food, drinks, and entertainment will satisfy / the guests will all leave in disappointment. Right. Now repeat again to self. And again. And again. Did I mention I obsess? Sigh...

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Melissa said...

Don't obsess! It's several weeks away, we can't have you lose all that time to worrying. So how about this: just picture the absolute worst-case scenario right now, and then decide it won't be as bad as THAT, so no need to worry.

No, I could never take that kind of advice either. Well, it sounded good anyway.

Let the obsessing continue.