Saturday, November 1, 2008


So for some reason, I thought it would be a bright idea to join National Blog Posting Month, which, if the title wasn't clear enough, is a challenge to post every day for the month of November. It's sad when you wake up at 2:30am on November 1st panicked about managing to get your first post finished in time. Just wait until I'm right in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and I feel compelled to write about the consistency of the stuffing or the inanity of napkin rings.

Which brings me to the more significant question: how am I really supposed to engage readers for an entire month when I'm not even sure what I'm doing in the first place? I mean, I started this blog over a year ago with a temporary title that somehow managed to take up permanent residence.

But I suppose that's the heart of the blog. I'm always walking lines, drifting from one side to another. I'm a stay-at-home mom to two small but demanding children, and also an intelligent young woman and writer. I'm into balanced nutrition and exercise, and also into burgers and fries and nightly desserts. I try to treat issues holistically, and also reach for Tylenol the minute the kids sprout a fever.

So you find a little bit of everything here. I won't say that I don't use these pages to sometimes record cute things the kids do or the insanity of my daily life, but mostly I try to work out what that life is, the one that never really settles into definition. It's a bit scary, drifting, and this blog gives me the chance to work that fear into something liberating.

Okay, so that's about it. I think. Maybe? Speaking of line-walking...

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Melissa said...

Yay! I'll try to figure out how to make you my friend. (Um, on ning.)