Thursday, November 13, 2008

Decor, NaBloPoMo style

Visited my one friend on NaBloPoMo. Gasped in awe at her snazzy homepage. Switched to my homepage. Sighed disappointed. Fiddled around a bit. You can change your background? To flowers? Or chicks? Another way to procrastinate!

Still cannot figure out how to add my actual blog posts to the page. But at least my page is pink. With flowers. Hoping to do something before NaBloPoMo is over. Rapidly losing hope.


Melissa said...

So pretty! Now we just need to get a picture of you on there. (Doesn't need to be an identifying picture or anything.)

As for adding your blog posts, you can put your rss feed url in the rss box on your nablo page, or you can cross-post entries from here manually in the blog box. And you can move the boxes around by clicking and dragging the title bars. Did that help, or make it worse?

Melissa said...

And now it's all page-like! Woo-hoo, go you! Now get thee to some groups. And then you can add some friends. (Not that I even know how to do that.)