Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was only gone a couple hours

You always know you're in for a good story when you arrive home to find your husband on the phone with poison control, your screaming daughter naked but for a diaper, and your son pantomiming vomit at your husband's feet.

On the plus side, it turns out blue potato bush is only a little poisonous. And it was just one little berry. And M knows how to help in an emergency, quickly coming to daddy's rescue with a new outfit for K and several rags. He even cleaned up the floor.

All in all, just a slightly blip in an otherwise lovely weekend.


Melissa said...


And good to know about the bush being only slightly poisonous. Not that I could pick a blue potato bush out of a lineup, but still. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

We will have to hang out a little closer to home next time! Ha! Great to see you :) - Amber