Monday, October 6, 2008

At least it was free

Big weekend for us: the first trip for everyone to the Miramar Air Show. We were careful to go early, pack light, and leave before (most of) the meltdowns. Everything went off according to personality. M enjoyed examining each and every entry, although he refused to go into any individual vehicle for fear that they might move, start, or otherwise endanger himself or others. K, on the other hand, wanted to drive off into the sunset--the bigger the mode of transportation, the better.

The next day, we shuttled over to B's office to watch the Blue Angels from a prime vantage point. It was hard to keep the kids focused on the airplanes when there were cool things like Daddy's Keyboard and Daddy's Dry Erase Board, but every time they came in formation, K cooed at the window and M studied them seriously.

At last he asked, "How big are they?"

"They're just like the planes we saw yesterday," we replied. "Not the big-big ones, but like the medium ones."

"What planes?"

Hmm. "The planes from yesterday? At the Air Show? The ones we walked in and looked at?" To which M responded with a blinky blank stare.

Incredulous, we started asking about individual planes, hoping to spark a memory, like the police helicopter or the air transport. No dice. He did remember the fire truck (which was just like the fire truck we see every week outside our local Vons) and the big white Packer (which was the Budweiser delivery truck, and no, not part of the show).

But we did all have fun at the time, which, with two very small children, is always good enough for me.

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