Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hungry ducks, not so hungry everyone else

We were on our way to feed ducks Sunday afternoon when there was an unpleasant gurgling sound from the back. "Uh, K spit," M commented nervously.

And so began our week with the stomach flu.

On the plus side, we're saving a lot of money on groceries, since we're mostly living on white bread, applesauce, and jello (even those who haven't yet got sick, because it's only a matter of time that what goes in will all come out). Then again, we're spending a lot of extra money on endless loads of laundry.

I keep thinking we'll get back to those ducks, but that requires the kids to reliably keep things in at all ends and me to be able to walk more than three feet without faltering. All of this sounds like a job for next Sunday.

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