Monday, July 21, 2008

Paper mache, anyone?

I like to play this little game: When K starts saying "Uh-ho" from somewhere in the room, I don't look around immediately. I try to identify tell-tale sounds to see what exactly she' s gotten herself into. In this case, the gentle sounds of paper ripping and the little bits she's delivered right to my lap are pretty clear giveaways. But there was some more serious rustling from the easel at my back, so who knows? What fun to make a game out of the mess we will be undoubtedly cleaning up for the rest of the afternoon!

I need to get out more.

As a side note, I only play this game when there are sounds involved, because silence is bad. Very bad. Bad like dismantling a tomato all over our nice cream rugs. You'd think I would know better, but no.

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