Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's magic!

On a semi-quiet drive this morning, while K is still thinking about taking a nap she should already have started, M is snacking from a bag of pretzels, and D is concentrating on the road...

M: (Sudden squeals of pain) Mommy, mommy, help!
D: (Still trying to concentrate on the road and unable to look around) What in the world?
M: My pretzel!
D: What about your pretzel?
M: It's stuck in my nose. (Squealing increases)
D: You have a pretzel in your nose?
M: (Squealing now accompanied by panicked crying) Yes! It hurts!
D: Well (attempting calmness) take it out.
M: (Between sobs) I NOT ABLE TO!

And voila, a fun morning at the beach is instantly transformed into a not-so-fun morning in Urgent Care.

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Heather said...

that's really sucky. We missed you guys this morning. :(