Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last week, all of which

Last week, I learned the following things, all of which could have been blog posts:

K can and will giggle in her sleep, but only when she hears M screaming her name. In her ear. Incessantly.

M fully understands the concept of "busy," especially when he's asked to clean up his toys. Apparently he doesn't have to be doing anything particular when he's "busy."

K now says, "More," but only when it comes to strawberries, Mommy milk, and various chokeable objects and foods. And then she really means, MORE NOW.

M can tell his two identical stuffed ducks apart, correctly identifying Duck and Duck's brother, Duck, even when Mom and Dad have no clue.

But really, then it'd just be all about the kids. Summaries are so useful for getting past the blog-backlog, not to mention sparing the cute-factor. Not that the world couldn't benefit from a little cuteness, but four kid posts? About my unbelievably cute kids? I'm afraid I couldn't be stopped from overdoing it.

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Melissa said...

Nice summary. Though I never mind the cute overload. :)