Thursday, April 17, 2008

Look here, it wasn't so bad

After all...
... M ate everything he ordered.
... nobody peed or pooped on anything that wasn't already asking for it.
... the sun was shining and a nice breeze kept it cool.
... I managed to turn a nightmare situation into something productive.
... everyone stayed awake until nap time, when they promptly fell asleep (2 out of 3, at least).

But before you start wondering where Miss Pollyanna sprang from, I'll confess that the original title to this post was "Ten Reasons Why I'm In A Pissy Mood."

It was honestly one of those mornings where nothing goes irreparably wrong, but it certainly isn't fun either, where everyone seems to be on the edge of a very narrow precipice. And then I start thinking, well, I don't have a brain tumor like my one friend, and my children don't have Down Syndrome like their cousin, so I can think of two people off the bat who have loads more to complain about than me. Except that really make me feel any different about a tension-filled morning. It just adds guilt on top of the mix. Which, really, kind of makes things worse.

On the bright side, I guess all this means that I wake up each day thinking it's going to be fabulous. Pretty cool, when you think about it like that.

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feistywon said...

I had to laugh at your phrase "very narrow precipice" since we've been teetering on the very same one off and on all week. Actually for a few weeks now. Yes, I try to keep in mind how lucky I am while trudging uphill backward and wind up feeling worse and yes, guilty. We just need to get off our own backs once in awhile and just let ourselves "be", I think.