Friday, March 14, 2008

Top Ten Things I Learned on Vacation

10) A rooster's crow sounds so pleasant in Hawaii. Not like here, where the neighbor's crowing rooster makes me feel like white trash.

9) I like brussel sprouts. Or maybe just brussel sprouts slathered in butter.

8) Giving a two year old any amount of sugar during a long plane flight is a very bad idea.

7) K loves sand. To eat.

6) Sand causes one mean diaper rash.

5) Losing a beloved cup in the middle of the trip turns any good parent into a good liar.

4) Free babysitting rocks. Yeah for grandparents!

3) Pool good. Beach not good. You would think that the same sand, water, and toys in either place would yield the same results. Not true.

2) No matter where you are, laundry, dishes, and sleepless nights are sure to follow. On the plus side, copious amounts of ice cream still make me feel better.

And lastly,

1) Getting back into the swing of things after a fabulous vacation--which includes the writing of this blog--is very, very unpleasant. Wholly necessary, but unpleasant nonetheless.

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Laura said...

Hey Di! Sounds like you had fun on your vacation! Miss hearing from you. . . we should get together soon.