Friday, January 11, 2008

At least I won't be surprised

So one day about a year ago, M and B and I were eating lunch together when a total stranger walked over. She told us that she was very sorry for interrupting, but that M just wouldn't leave her alone. Since M had been sitting in his stroller eating lunch the whole time, I thought maybe she was crazy. Then she told us that he would talk late, but that he already had a lot to say because he was a Crystal Child. She gave us a website, told us to take special care of him because of his many gifts, and walked away. I would have just continued to think she was crazy, except that he does talk late. And she did seem so sane. Apologetic, but sane.

I did check out the Crystal Child website, but only to give it a cursory glance before dismissing it entirely. It's not that I didn't think it could have any merit; rather, it seemed like quite a lot of reading and work at the time.

Recently, though, the whole Crystal Child notion reared its ugly head in the most unpleasant way. We were driving home when M began chattering:

"Uh-oh, Mama. Mama crash. Mama out. Uh-oh, Mama."

Seeing as we had not crashed, then or any other time, I couldn't help but think: did he just see the future? Is he really a Crystal Child and I've been ignoring it all along, only to, ironically, learn the truth from the realization of his prediction, a truth learned just I die from a horrible car crash where I'm the sad victim of vehicle ejection? Or maybe he's just babbling, right, as every two year old babbles?

Door number two, please. I'm kind of liking the whole living thing I've got going on.