Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If it were only this easy

1. Every child must take a nap every day.
2. If we are running late, naps will run late also. This does not mean that you will get up at the regular time. A fifteen minute delay will mean a fifteen minute later wake-up time, and so on.
3. Mom is entitled to naps too.
4. If you interrupt Mom during her nap, be prepared for her to climb into your bed and continue to rest. For your general well-being, quiet is highly recommended.
5. Mom does not consider 30 minutes a nap, and neither should you.
6. When Mom tells you to go back to sleep, it's a smart idea to do so.
7. If any or all of the above rules are not followed, be prepared to supplement with lots of hugs, kisses, words of love and praise, and unusually good behavior for the remainder of the day. And be sure to follow the rules from that moment on. Forever.

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