Friday, December 14, 2007

Drawing the (wrinkled) line

K and I were playing today with a little wrist rattle someone gave her. It's got a big, chewable monkey head attached to a crinkly piece of fabric designed to go around her wrist (or, better yet, be chewed endlessly while K ignores the monkey). We hadn't played with it much and the care label was still attached. Among the various instructions was the helpful statement: DO NOT IRON. Iron a toy? Really? I don't iron shirts, pants, or sheets. What in the world would make me, or anyone else, want to iron something that any child will wad, chew, and toss asunder in two seconds flat? I mean, I know my standards may be sub-par compared to some people, but I hope that most out there would agree that there are limits. If not, seriously, they have therapy for things like that.

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