Monday, November 19, 2007

Interpretations welcome

Last night I dreamt that I went over to my parents' apartment. They don't have an apartment in real life. They have a nice, big house where I grew up. But in this dream, they had an apartment to which I went for dinner. I left the kids at my apartment. I don't have an apartment either. I have a nice, small house where I live with my husband. But in this dream, I had an apartment too, just me and the kids. I left my apartment for their apartment, desperate to get away for a little while. Once I was there, I assured my parents that I had just had to get out and that I had left the kids in a safe place. Only when I started to think about it, I couldn't quite be sure that I had actually left them in a safe place. It seemed like I had left K on the floor, which, considering her new found skills in rolling, pushing, and otherwise moving about, is most certainly not a safe place. When I really focused, I finally remembered that yes, I had put both kids in their cribs. Only I had put M in a crib that was very high and easy to jump or fall from. For a toddler, this is even worse than the floor. Well, it's at least as bad.

I went home to take care of the kids, feeling guilty. I tried to stay focused. Time passed. I went to get K up from a different nap. When I went into my room, which was where the crib was, at least in the dream, I found the TV on. How strange, I thought, until I realized that K was chewing on the remote. On the bed. Inches from the edge. I'd apparently left her there to nap instead of putting her in a crib.

That was my dream last night. Think maybe I'm feeling a little anxious? Distracted? Both? I'd try to figure it out, but my mind is obviously overtaxed as it is.

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Melissa said...

Sounds like you might be stressed. But I can't think about it too hard, or I'll start worrying that I might have left one of my kids in a high crib or on the edge of a bed or...