Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mind over meals

Food offered:
Roasted red chile pork with potatoes
Steamed broccoli with butter and parmesan cheese

Food requested:
Plain Weetabix and milk--you know, the modern British version of gruel?

Food offered:
Double chocolate muffin
Whole grain waffle with honey for dipping

Food requested:
Soggy unsweetened bran flakes

Food offered:
Oatmeal raisin granola bar
Graham cracker bear cookies

Food requested:
Whole wheat pretzels

Apparently I have this reverse psychology thing nailed. On top of this perplexing set of choices is the openness I see in their combination: pork with weetabix, bran flakes topped with muffin, kidney beans and cookies. Either taste buds don't fully develop until middle school, or the gag reflex these combinations generate are only in my mind. Here's to the wonder that is the toddler diet.

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